Game Play
Monsters Adventures Token will feature 3 diferent game modes:
  • Adventure Mode
  • PvE Mode (Player against he AI)
  • PvP Mode (Player against another human player)
To start on any of the game modes, the player has to acquire at least one monster and decide which equipment to assign on his beasts. The acquisition is done by buying a mystery box. The chest value is fixed in dollars and its value in $MAT will be adjusted using the game Oracle.
Players will earn rewards through the different game modes that we have, each game mode will allow you to play 1 game per day per character, the more characters you have the more opportunities to play you have.
Players can level up their characters and increase their earnings per mission or battle. Each character has 3 Lifes. These Life points will be decreased on each game the character is involved. Each 24 hours, all the Life points are restored.

Adventure Mode

The Adventure mode will be set as a daily mission. The mission is for each character: the monster have to form the word MONSTERNFT on each level and complete the mission in 3 minutes. Once the mission is completed you can claim your reward and rest for 24 hours. To As the character progresses more obstacles appear and the speed and difficulty of the level is increased.
If the quest is not completed, the character must wait 24 hours to try again. You can always use other characters to continue in the game and receive rewards for completing their levels.
When the daily mission is completed, the rewards will be distributed. The reward distribution is done in $MAT token and will be done according to a halving plan and applying the modifiers from the class and level from the character.


Players will compete against in-game monsters (AI) to earn additional daily rewards.


Players from all over the world will face each. The outcome is to increase one's position on the world rankings for big and juicy rewards.
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