This item is not yet available. it is a planned feature and the final use might change a bit from the description below. This feature is currently only available for the sale of NFTs
It is a calculation system that balances the cost of the shares within the game according to the price of the token and those adjusted to the appropriate price, an acceptable price without extreme inflation. This system reviews the price of the token 24/7 to adjust the economy of the game and maintain a long useful life.
We have integrated the Oracle system into Monsters Adventures Token to keep the costs constant to ensure the entry of new players. In combination with the halving on the rewards, it ensures that the $MAT token is not depleted in a case of massive player entry. Therefore the oracle's usage is so that the economy of the game is balanced around a set dollar value
The Oracle will dynamically adjust costs up or down depending on changes in the dollar value of $MAT.
Last modified 4mo ago
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