This is under development
The marketplace will be available once the initial sale of NFT is completed.
There will be an internal NFT marketplace where players will be able to improve their Characters and the economy by letting them trade, sell or acquire NFTs.
The marketplace will be separated in 2 sections: a main section to trade the NFT and an auxilary market to shop the life tokens and power-ups required for the games modes.
The main marketplace will use $MAT as its default token and users will stipulate the price of their NFT however they see fit, so be on the lookout for the next bargain! All transfer of ownership will include a 10% tax of which half will be burned and the other half will be used for the reward pool. Only characters that are at least level 2 can be selled on the marketplace.
On the other hand, the side market will use the $MAD token for the purchases.
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